Whats On

Saturday 21st September, Mega Open-Mike Event!

This Saturday 21th September we have our third Mega Open-Mike event for the year.

Perth Poetry Club holds Mega Open-Mikes quarterly as an opportunity for every open-miker to be a feature with 5 minutes (maximum) of performance time.

Best to prepare your performance. Try something different, experimental. Edit and refresh your poems. Hone your performance skills.

Past events have been memorable for the quality of the poetry and performances.

Saturday 7th November, The Sky Falls Down Poets - Lucy Czerwiec, Lucy Dougan, Kevin Gillam, Fran Graham, Mardi May, Carol Millner, Emily J Sun, Rashida Murphy, Julie Watts, Zan Ross!

This Saturday 7th September we have wonderful local poets, Lucy Czerwiec, Lucy Dougan, Kevin Gillam, Fran Graham, Mardi May, Carol Millner, Emily J Smith, Rashida Murphy, Zan Ross and Julie Watts reading their poems from The Sky Falls Down: An Anthology of Loss, at Perth Poetry Club. We have usual open-mike as well.

Saturday 24th August, Jackson + The emptied bridge + Chinese Poetry (Glen Phillips, Prof Yu Jinhong, Tara Zhang, Kathleen Xiang) + open-mike!

This Saturday 24th August we have the wonderful poet Jackson, launch of her latest book The emptied bridge, plus Chinese Poetry readings: Glen Phillips, Prof Yu Jinhong, Tara Zhang + Kathleen Xiang and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Jackson was born in Cumbria, England. She has written poetry since childhood.  Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, notably the Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry. In 2009 she instigated Perth Poetry Club. 

Saturday 3rd August, Tony Walley + Soul Reserve!

This Saturday 3rd August we have the wonderful poets Tony Walley + Soul Reserve and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Tony Walley is a mature-aged Aboriginal man born in regional WA, and is part the Yued, Ballardong and Binjareb Noongar people of the southwest.  His connection and relationship to his people, his culture, and to the land is extremely important to him; and this extends to family, spirituality, and the general health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

Sunday 4th August, Microphone Technique - Improve your performance with Ben Hoare!

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Microphone Technique Workshop with Ben Hoare, PPC sound engineer

On Sunday – 4th August 2019, 12:30pm to 1:30pm, at The Moon Café, 323 William Street, Northbridge.

Ben Hoare has been part of Perth Poetry Club for 8 years being PPC sound engineer.

Ben also has sung in choirs for 20 years and knows a thing or two about breathing, voice production and projection.