Whats On

Saturday 4th of February, it's our Mega Open-Mike Event!

This Saturday (4th February 2017) is our Mega Open-Mike Event, where everyone is a feature.  Perth Poetry Club holds these as an opportunity for every open-miker to be a feature with 5 minutes (maximum) of performance time. 

Best to prepare your performance.  Try something different, experimental.  Edit and refresh your poems.  Hone your performance skills.  Past events have been memorable for the quality of the poetry and performances.  Be surprised this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.

Sunday 8th of January 2017 - Yum Cha at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant!

"do you have exceptionally Close & Dear friends who are quite happy to do most everything with you, but Absolutely will not abide by a Poetry GiG... here's a chance to have them along & become Acquainted with you're Poetry Peer'z..." 


Join us for YUM CHA on Sunday 8th January 2017

 Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, 1/ 191 James St, Northbridge – 1045am for 11am



PIAF 2017 poet-related films!

There are two excellent poet-related films screening as part of PIAF (Perth International Arts Festival) 2017:

Paterson –

“Each day in a New Jersey town, Paterson (actor Adam Driver) gets up and writes a short, sweet poem before beginning work as a bus driver. In the evenings he returns to his loving wife and dog, all the while paying attention to the people who make up his richly patterned world.”

Saturday 10th of December, Virginia O'Keefe and Glen Phillips (reading John Ryan)!

This Saturday (10th December 2016) our feature poet is Virginia O’Keefe, and if the stars and planets align themselves we expect to have Glen Phillips reading John Ryan’s poetry.  

Virginia O'Keeffe has lived across most states and taught in high schools for most of her life.  She is fascinated by social history.  She has been short listed twice for the Tom Collins prize and been commended in the Creatrix Poetry Awards.   She has also written short stories and a column in her local monthly suburban magazine.