Whats On

Saturday 26th May - Robert Wood!

This Saturday, it’s Robert Wood as our feature, 26th May 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

Robert Wood grew up in Western Australia and has been a kitchen hand, gardener, waiter, usher, trade unionist, cultural liaison officer and teacher.

His poetry focuses on the natural world and his experiences in the suburbs, city and country.

Find out more at: www.robertdwood.net but see him in the flesh at Perth Poetry Club.

Saturday 12th May - RECOIL-9 Zine Launch!

This Saturday sees our RECOIL-9 zine launch.

Some of the favourite features from last year's Perth Poetry Club have contributed poems to this zine. Come on Saturday to see and hear poets and poems from

  Ann Gilchrist,  Cameron Knight,  Derek Fenton,  Don Smith,  Jacob Kemp,

  JP Lake,  Maddie Godfrey,  Maggie Van Putten,  Maitland Schnaars,

  Rose Lucas,  Stephen Cole,  Tineke Van der Eecken.

Saturday 21st April, Colin Young + Sue Clennell + Alan Wearne!

This Saturday, it’s Colin Young + Sue Clennell + Alan Wearne as our features for 21st April 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

Colin Young is an emerging poet and translator with a special interest in Greek poetry and drama. He was guest poet at the Queer Poetry night as part of the Perth Poetry Festival in 2016 and his poetry has been published in Dot Dot Dash.

Saturday 14th April, Creatrix Prize!

This Saturday, it’s the occasional Creatrix Prize as our feature event plus open-mike for Saturday 14th April 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

After 10 years of Creatrix by WAPI (WA Poets Inc), WAPI has decided to award an occasional prize for the best poetry from Creatrix.

Scott Patrick-Mitchell takes credit for the idea, with Peter Jeffery and Veronica Lake being the judges, and Julie Evans integral to the prize awarding.