Whats On

Saturday 11th April, Leonard James & Zane Wayman! - CANCELLED

This Saturday 11th April we have had to cancel our Leonard James and Zane Wayman feature.

We apologise to these fine poets/songster and there is an open invitation for Leonard and Zane to feature once the COVID-19 situation improves.

We will monitor the situation re COVID-19 and advise on a week by week basis re cancellations.

We are not happy having to do this.

Saturday 21st March, Mega Open-mike event! - CANCELLED

This Saturday 21st March we have had to cancel our Mega Open-mike event.

We will monitor the situation re Coronavirus and advise on a week by week basis.

The Moon Café is open as usual, and has introduced protocols (e.g. all transactions cashless, special cleaning, and training for staff) in order to combat possible spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.  Refer to the below email address for advice on COVID-19 and its symptoms.

Saturday 14th March, Mike Greenacre!

This Saturday 14th March we have the wonderful poet Mike Greenacre to entertain us.

Mike Greenacre is… well Mike had this to say about himself   Skiing, poetry and gluhwein go hand in hand!

He wrote that bio back in November 2019, and since then he won the 2019 Tom Collins Poetry Prize in Feb this year so gluhwein must be going down well.

Please join us to celebrate poetry this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge with Mike Greenacre + open-mike.

Woman Scream, Saturday 7th March, and Letters to our Home!

This Saturday 7th March, W.A. Poets Inc. is hosting Woman Scream, in celebration of International Woman’s Day with Georgia Hooper as MC

and wonderful poets, Emily Sun, Raihanaty A Jalil, Biddle, Virginia O’Keefe, Wendy Beach + JP.

No open-mike – just celebrate great poets and their poetry.

Also there is a call to submit poems to Letters to our Home, the initiator is Vivienne Glance.

Saturday 29th February, Letters to the Earth! - Allan Boyd, Allan Padgett, Ann Gilchrist, Coral Carter, Jackson + Scott-Patrick Mitchell!

This Saturday 29th February we have the wonderful poets Allan Boyd, Allan Padgett, Ann Gilchrist, Coral Carter, Jackson, Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) to celebrate Letters to the Earth.

Saturday on 29th Feb only happens every 28years, an auspicious date, and Perth Poetry Club this year will mark that with a special event.