Whats On

Saturday 8th February, Neil J (bruther) BRiLO Pattinson!

This Saturday 8th February we have the wonderful poet Neil J (bruther) BRiLO Pattinson to entertain us in # Celaberating? "A" Life UnSpectakular #.

Neil J bruther BRiLO Pattinson is an icon of Perth Poetry Club.  BRiLO is a “Suburban born Melbourne evacuee with a rural upbringing, a West Coast runaway and has-been resources Corporate Sector raffscalian.  He has been a contributor to Perth Poetry Club since its inception, is the creator of the Viable Human Mob, and is the world’s leading exponent of the HaaR Coooo form of poetry. 

Saturday 1st February, Tim Edwards + Rajan Sharma!

This Saturday 1st February we have the wonderful poets Tim Edwards + Rajan Sharma to entertain us.

Tim Edwards has been writing for as long as he can remember but probably only started to become seriously "obsessed" while completing post grad units in Creative Writing at Curtin University in the early 1990's.  It was there he had the very good fortune to meet and listen to writers like Elizabeth Jolley and Andrew Burke. - to name a few. 

Saturday 25th January, Ann Gilchrist + Robert Burns + open-mike!

This Saturday 25th January we have the wonderful poets Ann Gilchrist + Robert Burns to entertain us.

Ann Gilchrist spent her childhood on the banks of the Firth of Forth in Fife, Scotland.  She came to WA when she was 24.  She won her first award for poetry in primary school and has been waiting for another ever since.  Ann loves to capture visual images of moments, memories and landscapes in poetry.  She views her poems as canvases that don't need wall space.  Creativity is an important part of her life - it helps to keep her relatively sane.

Saturday 18th January, Lisa Collyer + Draz!

This Saturday 18th January we have the wonderful poets Lisa Collyer + Draz to entertain us.

Lisa Collyer is a poet, storyteller and English teacher.  Her poetry is not nice - it aims to disorient and challenge expectations of female experience and Australian identity.  Her work is imbued with the ‘body’ exploring how women’s physical experiences shape a life.  She reads regularly at Perth Poetry Club and has been a repeat feature as a guest storyteller at Barefaced Stories.

Saturday 11th January, Emily Sun + Nadia Rhook!

Welcome back to poetry at Perth Poetry Club.

This Saturday 11th January is our first gig for 2020 and we have the wonderful poets Emily Sun + Nadia Rhook to start the year.

Emily Sun is a writer based in Whadjuk Noongar boodja (Perth, WA). As an educator, researcher, and writer, Emily’s creative works have been published in various journals and anthologies including Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara Literary Review, Westerly, Australian Poetry Journal and Alice Pung’s Growing up Asian in Australia.

Thank you for 2019!

Perth Poetry Club sends a thank-you to everyone who has supported the Club in 2019.

We have a four week break, and then start-back in 2020 via

     5-Jan-20 Sunday lunch, 1145am for 1200noon at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, 191 James St, Northbridge

      RSVP by 4-Jan to perthpoetryclub@gmail.com or txt/call Elio on 0417 345 863

Poetry start-back proper on Saturday

   11-Jan-20   Emily Sun + Nadia Rhook + open-mike

Saturday 14th December, Peter Burges + Mega Open-mike (End of year gig)!

This Saturday 14th December we have the wonderful poet Peter Burges (reading from his new book, through slow-turning days) + Mega-Open Mike + CHRIKU Winner + Pizzas after the gig.

Peter Burges is an eclectic reader (history, politics, biographies, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, crime, religious texts, cross-cultural issues, etc.), and has a long term goal of becoming a writer (of poetry, short stories and novels) - through slow-turning days is his first poetry collection.