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EOI for DucK&dASh Poetry Fundraiser - deadline 1st June !!

EOI for DucK&dASh Poetry Fundraiser
TW: homelessness

Looking for expressions of interest for an online Zoom event 7.30-9.30pm TUESDAY JUNE 22nd 2021 fundraising for youth homelessness,
wanting to hear from poets who have experienced youth homelessness, or are part of the LGBT+ or Disabled communities.
All ticket sales to charity, the cost of the event will be matched with a donation by DucK&dASh to the charity.
8min performance, paid $20, deadline June 1st, NO THEME for content, 7 spots available.

Saturday 22nd May, Steve Fulcher (JC the Boundary Rider) + Jade Lacey + open-mike, at the Moon and Zoom

This Saturday 22nd May 2pm-4pm we have wonderful poets   JC The Boundary Rider (Steve Fulcher) + Jade Lacey + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

JC The Boundary Rider (aka Steve Fulcher)   


Steve Fulcher has lived some years |  Splashed some ink

And maybe had an achievement or two

But JC is a rocknroll rat | Soaking up the choons and spilt beer whilst

Underneath it all | JC escaping those death valleys | Where servitude breeds dissent

Saturday 15th May, Joanna Wakefield (UK) + Elsa Fuentes-Hare !! + open-mike, at the MOON and ZOOM

This Saturday 15th May 2pm-4pm we have the wonderful poets Joanna Wakefield (UK) + Elsa Fuentes-Hare + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Joanna Wakefield (UK) BIO:

I began writing poetry at the early age of 13 and continued after I had breast cancer.  I have read my work at open mic at several poetry slams in Perth, Melbourne and the UK.

Saturday 1st May, Mega Open-mike event! - Zoom only

This Saturday 1st May 2pm-4pm we have a Mega Open-mike event that will be on Zoom.

We will NOT be at the Moon Café.  The Moon has a capacity of 20maximum till Friday.  The Government may lift capacity to 45 for Saturday but we won’t know that till Friday.  Also our sound engineer (Ben, Bob or replacement) may not be available on the day.  So this Saturday will be a ZOOM event only.  Don’t let that stop you from preparing though…

Mega Open-mike where everyone is a feature (5minutes max each).

Saturday 17th April, Barry Sanbrook and Ross Jackson + open-mike! at the Moon & on Zoom

This Saturday 17th April 2pm-4pm we have the wonderful poets Barry Sanbrook, Ross Jackson + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Barry Sanbrook is artist and poet, and haiku afficionado; being judge and selector for the Creatrix Haiku Prize and Anthology 2020 and active member and contributor to Haiku societies locally and nationally.

His family history appears on the Welcome Walls project, Fremantle; having migrated in 1968.  Barry has Engineering and Arts degrees, and that has informed his work as poet and artist.

Saturday 10th April, Skylar J Wynter + open-mike! at the Moon on Zoom

This Saturday 10th April 2pm-4pm we have the wonderful poet Skylar J Wynter + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

Skylar J Wynter is the best-selling author of a collection of poetry and flash fiction entitled, Pieces of Humanity which is to be included in the Hollywood Swag Bag Nominee Gift Honoring Oscar Weekend goodie bags gifted to the Academy Award nominees this year.