Whats On

Saturday 16th November, Pat Johnson, Colin Young, Alex biddle + SPM!

This Saturday 16th November we have the wonderful poets Pat Johnson + Colin Young + Alex Biddle & Scott-Patrick Mitchell duet at Perth Poetry Club.

Pat Johnson is interested in things (art, social justice, literature, blues, theatre).  Reads books (mysteries, verse novels, classics).  Writes other things (ghost stories, poetry, fiction).  Ex-President Fellowship of Australian Writers WA.  Enjoys the ebb and flow of life and the people she loves

Saturday 9th November, Natalie D-Napoleon + First Blood!

This Saturday 9th November we have the wonderful poet Natalie D-Napoleon at Perth Poetry Club.

Natalie D-Napoleon is a writer, singer-songwriter and educator from Fremantle.  She spent the last decade in the United States where she worked as a Coordinator at the Santa Barbara City College Writing Centre.  She was one of this year’s Festival poets in August, and is now back in Perth.

Saturday 2nd November, Kevin Gillam and Cello!

This Saturday 2nd November we have the wonderful poet Kevin Gillam at Perth Poetry Club.

Kevin Gillam is a West Australian born poet, ‘cellist and music educator'.

He has had 4 books of poetry published, the most recent being “the moon’s reminder” by Ginninderrra Press in 2018.

He has also had 4 chapbooks published, all by Picaro Press.

Kevin has won numerous poetry awards, the most recent being the Creatrix Award in 2019 for his poem entitled “Carnabies”.

Saturday 26th October, Hessom Razavi + Sonya Frossine!

This Saturday 26th October we have two wonderful poets Hessom Razavi and Sonya Frossine at Perth Poetry Club.

Hessom Razavi is a writer and doctor who grew up in Iran, Pakistan and the UK, prior to emigrating to Australia in 1989.

His poetry has featured in Gargouille, Mascara Literary Review, The Best Australian Poems 2016, the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine, and more.

He is currently working on his first full collection, as part of the 'Four Centres Emerging Writers Program'.

Saturday 5th October, Cyndy Moody + Jillian Moody!

This Saturday 5th October we have Cyndy Moody + Jillian Moody featuring at Perth Poetry Club + regular open-mike.

Cyndy Moody loves poetry because it has no rules! wudjuk / balladong is her tribe.  She has been MCing in few poetry events and during NAIDOC, she's performed here at the Moon last year.  Cyndy has 3 poems published; 2 in 'Banksia is lit' and 1 in the Westerly.  She plays bass with her sisters in a band called 'Redbank River Band' and they do several gigs here and there around Perth.

Saturday 28th September, “In this body are gardens…” women’s writing circle!

This Saturday 28th September we have “In this body are gardens…” women’s writing circle at Perth Poetry Club + open-mike.

"in this body are gardens" is a weekly women's writing circle that has gathered around Jaya Penelope's kitchen table for four years.

Participants have ranged in age from 19 to 79.

Chai; laughter and sometimes tears are as essential a part of proceedings as poetry.

Noted poet, Jaya Penelope is convenor of the group.

Saturday 21st September, Mega Open-Mike Event!

This Saturday 21th September we have our third Mega Open-Mike event for the year.

Perth Poetry Club holds Mega Open-Mikes quarterly as an opportunity for every open-miker to be a feature with 5 minutes (maximum) of performance time.

Best to prepare your performance. Try something different, experimental. Edit and refresh your poems. Hone your performance skills.

Past events have been memorable for the quality of the poetry and performances.