Whats On

Saturday 9th December, Mega Open-mike event, at The Moon !

Perth Poetry Club has a Mega-Open mike event this Saturday 9th December, 2pm-4pm, at The Moon Café.

Perth Poetry Club holds Mega Open-mike events quarterly as an opportunity for every open-miker to be a feature with 5 minutes (maximum) of performance time.

Best to prepare your performance. Try something different, experimental. Edit and refresh your poems.  Hone your performance skills.  Past events have been memorable for the quality of the poetry and performances.

Saturday 11th November, Andy Kenny & Adelaide Knowles + open-mike, at The Moon, on Zoom!

Perth Poetry Club has wonderful poets Andy Kenny & Adelaide Knowles + open-mike, this Saturday 11th November, 2pm-4pm, at The Moon Café and on ZOOM.

Andy Kenny is a 21 year old poet from Perth who is just about to launch their first anthology, and he was recently a finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam competition. Aside from poetry, Andy loves crochet, music, baking and being with their cats, as well as being a passionate queer & trans artist & advocate.

Saturday 28th October, Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon + open-mike! at The Moon, on Zoom

Perth Poetry Club has wonderful poet Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon + open-mike, this Saturday 28th October, 2pm-4pm, at The Moon Café and on ZOOM.

Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon is an award-winning writer and educator who is currently completing a PhD on erasure poetry and forgotten histories. She is the daughter of Croatian immigrants. In her poetry she explores erasure, free verse and the deconstruction of formal structures.