Whats On

Saturday 15th August, Georgia Hooper - via Zoom and the Moon!

This Saturday 15th August we have the wonderful poet Georgia Hooper + open-mike, VIA ZOOM at the Moon.

We will be at the Moon Café Northbridge with stage-mike for those unable to ZOOM in. Georgia also will be performing from the Moon.

Georgia Hooper Biography

   Who I am is subjective to the other

   But who I am to me

   My I to my me

   Is a gardener

   A woman

   Nurtured well

   Who has always loved trees

   Defined by my love of nature

   Owned by the land

Saturday 18th July, RECOIL ELEVEN launch + open-mike!

This Saturday 18th July we have the RECOIL ELEVEN zine launch + regular open-mike, VIA ZOOM.

We apologise we are not at the Moon Café but we will be via ZOOM.

The Zoom session is on Saturday, 18th July 2:00pm to 4:00pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

RECOIL ELEVEN (R-11) is an anthology published by Mulla Mulla Press (Coral Carter) and it celebrates the previous year’s poetry at Perth Poetry Club.

Each year 10 to 12 poets are selected and one of their poems is published in a Recoil zine.