Whats On

Saturday 8th June, Biddle, Tony Walley, Julie Winther!

This Saturday 8th June we have the wonderful poets Biddle, Tony Walley, Julie Winther and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Biddle has been performing since 14 and never really stopped. Known for gritty and honest poetry from a point of chosen naivety in their work, you'll most often find them at sporadic times in your life or by yelling their name into an oil spill three times. They have chapbooks, been in multiple zines, published on Uneven Floor, perfected the pavlova at 12, and currently own at least 13 traffic cones.

Saturday 1st June, Marion Whelligan!

This Saturday 1st June we have the wonderful poet Marion Whelligan and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Marion Whelligan was born in Shropshire England. She emigrated to Australia and has also lived and worked in New Zealand.

She has always loved poetry but it wasn’t until she found Perth Poetry Club in 2017 that she began to write her own poetry. She has had a poem published in Poetry d’Amour anthology 2018. She currently attends the City of Vincent Writing Group.

Saturday 20th April, Rachael Petridis!

This Saturday 20th April we have the wonderful poet Rachael Petridis and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Rachael Petridis is a Western Australian poet and is founding member of the writing group OOTA.  In 2004, Rachael was selected by Five Islands Press to attend the New Poets Publishing Program at Wollongong, NSW. In 2009, she was awarded a Longlines residency at Varuna.  A year later her poetry collection, Sundecked was published by Australian Poetry Centre.