Perth Poetry Club is a weekly spoken word event. It was started in 2009 by Jackson and Helen Child. It is now organised by The Underlords of Evil Tonsil, a collective of unpaid volunteers who love words and poets. If you have some time, energy and commitment to give and might be interested in helping out, please contact us.

The Underlords:

Spokesperson and venue liaison: Elio Novello

Phone enquiries: Elio Novello

Internet enquiries: Elio Novello (for now)

Guest bookings: Elio Novello

Newsletters: Larraine Duncan

Web content and social media: Kate Arnautovic

MCing and event coordination: Chris Arnold, Elio Novello, Keren Gila Raiter, Marcus 'Splodge' John, Neil J 'MC Naked Blind' Pattinson

Roving green room: Helen Janice

Treasurer: Elio Novello

Zine and book sales: Elio Novello

Photo gallery: Coral Carter

Zine publisher: Coral 'Mulla Mulla Press' Carter

Awesome helpers: Karen Murphy, Pat Sully

Perth Poetry Club would be pointless and impossible without the support of our many beloved regular and irregular punters, poets and photographers, particularly:

Allan Boyd, who built and maintains our website and designs our visuals,

Jamie Macqueen who often helps out by filming, photographing, YouTubing and LiveStreaming,

all those who help others to participate, our various guest MCs, and

the management and staff of The Moon Cafe, who provide space, time, service, sound equipment & arty awesomeness.

Thanks to the generosity of our audiences we are able to pay our featured poets and provide the professional sound engineering of Ben Hoare.

Anyone can be part of the fun: come to our Saturday afternoon readings. Just listen, or share poems. Every Saturday at The Moon. Don't pinch yourself: you're not dreaming, and you're still in Western Australia -- it really is weekly. To get weekly updates, contact us, subscribe to our newsletter or blog, or join our Facebook group.