Saturday 7th December, Helchile + Reclaim Poetry Collective Reunion!

This Saturday 7th December we have wonderful poet Helchild (our double feature) + Reclaim Poetry Collective Reunion (Jazmin Tassell, Jaya Penelope, Kate Drown, 5minutes each), plus open-mike.

Strap yourself in for a wildly funny, demented ride with Helchild! The Melbourne based queer poet, playwright and satirical comedian is back in Perth for one exclusive show at Perth Poetry Club! Meet notorious Elizabethan poet Christopher Marlowe (Shakespeare's inspiration)...and meet Shakespeare himself. Experience QLD senator Pauline Fartson's latest poetic masterpieces.

Originally from Perth, Helchild has worked with some of Melbourne's most Iconic comedians, recently featured at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and was a finalist in the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. For more info on Helchild go to or Helchild Comedy on Youtube.

Reclaim Poetry Collective comprises Jazmin Tassell, Jaya Penelope and Kate Drown. 

  Jazmin Tassell … Jazmin writes poetry about the joy of life, including the tears, and believes poetry is a panacea for fears.

  Jaya Penelope … Known for her lyrical, intimate performances, poet and storyteller Jaya Penelope's first love is the spoken word.

  Kate Drown … Lecturer in Community Services, and many years’ experience working with children and young adults; as caretaker, activity organiser, and counsellor at Kerem Adventure Camp.

Please join us to celebrate poetry this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge with poet Helchild + Reclaim Poetry Collective Reunion (Jazmin Tassell, Jaya Penelope, Kate Drown) + open-mike.

The next few weeks and into the new year, we have the following features + usual open mike:

     7-Dec-19   HelChild (Vic) + Reclaim Poetry Collective Reunion (Jazmin Tassell, Jaya Penelope and Kate Drown) + open-mike

    14-Dec-19   Peter Burges + Mega Open-Mike + End-of-Year Gig (Pizza and Drinks after at The Moon)


      5-Jan-20 Sunday lunch TBC at Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, Northbridge

    11-Jan-20   Emily Sun + Nadia Rhook + open-mike

    18-Jan-20   Draz + Lisa Collyer + open-mike

    25-Jan-20   Robbie Burns afternoon – readers Ann Gilchrist and others + open-mike …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …


Also the CHRIKU competition is back – write a Christmas Haiku

The topic is “ It Came In The Anthracite Sheen Of A Brilliant Stellar Night Like A Conjugated Verb . . . Present . . . Simple . . . Continuous . . . Perfect

Competition Closes: 4PM Saturday 7-Dec-19 @ “The Moon”  LAST WEEK THIS WEEK

The Winner’s Cash Prize of $50 presented following Saturday 14-Dec-19 @ “The Moon”

ENTRIES: to be taken to “The Moon”, and “fed” direct into “the wide-mouthed frog” -- CRiKEY!

Don’t forget Name and contact

**CONDITIONS**:- FREE ENTRY: OPEN to all @ Perth Poetry Club @ ‘The Moon’. MAXIMUM number of FOUR {4} “CHRiku “ per ENTRANT to be “Hand written or typed, preferably in English, on a single sheet of paper.” Judges {plural} decision will be final – no correspondence entered into. The Judges are Geoff Spencer & his daughter Natalie.

PS: Don’t forget your NAME on your ENTRY.