Saturday 13th October, Carol Millner + Shae O'Reilly!

This Saturday 13th October 2018 we have two wonderful poets, Carol Millner + Shae O’Reilly at Perth Poetry Club.

Carol Millner moved to Western Australia from New Zealand in 2005.  Carol is an award winning short story writer and poet, as well as a creative writing teacher.  Her work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Spain, as well as online.  She has also written community plays, academic essays, reviews, promotional material for the performing arts, public policy documents, historical monographs and research papers.

Currently a PhD student in short prose at Curtin University, her poetry manuscript, Settling, was shortlisted in the inaugural Dorothy Hewitt Award 2015.  Carol writes a mean zine as well, “planet kitchen”, that many of you have already purchased and enjoyed.

Saying inappropriate things since time began, Shae O’Reilly is partial to “punk poetry” and telling it like it is.  Her heroes include Frida Kahlo and Bill Hicks.  As far as writers go, she can’t go past Kate Tempest and always returns to that vile, wonderful man Bukowski.

Shae feels strongly about speaking up for the disadvantaged of our society and believes we’d be much better off blowing up our televisions than each other.  Her tiny rants are an extension of her love of nature and art.  Shae enjoys the company of those who are prone to thinking.

Join us at Perth Poetry Club this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to hear Carol Millner + Shae O’Reilly.

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