Saturday 21st July, Danny Gunzburg + Don Smith!

Our feature poets this Saturday 14th July 2018 are the entertaining Danny Gunzburg + Don Smith.

Danny Gunzburg is an award winning poet and songwriter.  In 1995 he was appointed the Emerging Writer In Residence at The Katherine Susannah Prichard Writer's Centre.  From 2012 to 2016 he was published for five consecutive years in the Poetry d'Amour Love Poetry Anthology.  He has also been asked to perform his music and poetry four times at the Poetry d'Amour events as well as winning two separate Commended Awards in their love poetry competitions.  Danny has published two collections of his poetry as well as numerous CD's of his music.  He currently lives, performs and writes in Perth, Western Australia.

Don Smith is an actor, comedian, clown and musician who comes from an old colonial Western Australian family.  At age six, he came to the table in a grumpy mood.  When his mother put his cereal in front of him and asked what was wrong, he replied, ‘My Weetbix are up-side-down’.  For many years he's worked as a funny guy and funny singer, but these days he's been delving a little deeper and attempting to find something within himself.  While not performing, he is a full-time carer for his Dad, which he describes as one of the most fulfilling things to do.  Since a friend gave him a boat, he has become obsessed with rivers, in particular the Swan.

Please join us at Perth Poetry Club for an entertaining Saturday afternoon 2pm–4pm at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to hear Danny Gunzburg + Don Smith. Open-mike as always.

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All, not to be missed …