Saturday 1st of July, Amber Fresh and Dean Meredith!

Our feature poets are Amber Fresh and Dean Meredith, this Saturday 1st July 2017 at Perth Poetry Club. 

Amber Fresh is a poet, musician and artist, published in Perth, interstate, on the web, across the globe. Her writing has been published in journals, zines and magazines, and most recently in Fremantle Press's "Performance Poets" series. Amber writes for Cool Perth Nights, the Thousands and occasionally for magazines like Oyster, The Music and Qantas Magazine. Amber's music is under the name 'Rabbit Island', named for an island near Goode Beach in Torndirrup National Park in WA's south west.

Amber has released one studio album "O God, Come Quick" and home recordings "65% Hits Volumes I and II" and "The Race" mixtape with Nicholas Allbrook from Pond and Tame Impala, has published a book of poetry 'Between You and Me', a children's book 'The Vine' and many smaller-scale print works. She curated and edited 3 editions of "Down the Dogole" streetpress and currently performs music around Perth and occasionally interstate.

Experience some of Amber's songs at the following links: Rabbit Island - My Own Private, Safety Suit/Rabbit Island, Rabbit Island - Adam's Song, Rabbit Island - Space, Man.

Dean Meredith is poet, philosopher, genius.  A little bit more is this - Dean is published in various domestic and international journals. His favourite themes include love, insanity, death and outsiders.

Please join us at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge this Saturday 2pm-4pm to hear Amber Fresh and Dean Meredith.  Open-mike as always.


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