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Sunday 12th of November, Garage Sale: Fundraiser!


Any enquiries to: Neil- 0422 148 956 - Helen- 0431 035 540

Proceeds to various poetry groups, in conjunction with “VIABLE HUMAN MOB”

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TOO Be Held in Conjunction With ~ V.H.M. (viable Human Mob’z)

 “Garage Sale wit Garage Band’z”  &  >>>Random Fundraiser<<<

Will be LAUNCH Of the Latest ZiNE of Poetry,

N J (BRiLO) Pattinson’s “Double Edged Sword”

Saturday 4th of November, Rose Lucas (VIC), Mitchell Thompson and Chase Houghton!

This Saturday, it’s Rose Lucas (VIC), Mitchell Thompson + Chase Houghton  as our features on 4th November 2017 at Perth Poetry Club.

Rose Lucas is a Melbourne poet and academic.  Her first collection , Even in the Dark (UWAP 2013) won the Mary Gilmore prize.  Her second collection, Unexpected Clearing (UWAP) was published in 2016. She is currently completing her third collection, At the Point of Seeing. She will be in Perth to co-host a doctoral Writing Retreat with ECU.

The Tom Collins Poetry Prize is open for submissions!

The Tom Collins Poetry Prize is an annual competition inaugurated by FAWWA in 1975 in memory of Australian author Joseph Furphy (1843 - 1912) who wrote the classic Such is Life, under the name Tom Collins. 

1st prize: $1,000. 2nd prize: $200. 3rd prize: $100.

Poem length: up to 60 lines
Open theme
Limit of five entries per person
$10 for each entry

The Tom Collins Poetry Prize is one of Australia’s most prestigious poetry prizes, with first place being awarded a $1,000 prize.

Saturday 14th of October, Toby Marks and Cam Knight!

This Saturday, it’s Toby Marks and Cam Knight as our features, 14th October 2017 at Perth Poetry Club.

Toby Marks is one of Australia's leading forgotten poets.  Unknown even to his peers and kin.  He lacks all recognition in Australian Literature.  His poetry, although not academic, tries to dip into the hermetic currents of an ocean lost in a world we can only perceive once standing on the edge of the abyss.  Sometimes strikingly shit and sometimes passable, his poetry has been blowing away since 2013.