Whats On

Saturday 18th August, Book Launch + Perth Poetry Festival gig!

A very busy gig this Saturday 18th August 2018 with an early 1:40pm start for a book launch and then the Perth Poetry Festival gig.

The book launch is for Sanna Peden’s Straight Lines - launch speech by Vivienne Glance.

Then we morph into Perth Poetry Club with our feature poets being the Perth Poetry Festival poets.  Nine poets, by way of

       Aaron Lee (Singapore),  Nina Lewis (UK),  Dave Drayton (NSW),  Peach Klimkiewicz (SA),

Saturday 4th August, Scott-Patrick Mitchell !!!

Our feature poet this Saturday 28th July 2018 is the entertaining Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

We get to see him before he goes to Brisbane to appear as festival poet at the Queensland Poetry Festival.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) is a West Australian performance poet who has created such works as THE 24 HOUR PERFORMANCE POEM.

He has performed poetry nationally at Big Sky Writers Festival, NYWF, FringeWorld, Adelaide Fringe, Emerging Writers Festival, Crack Theatre Festival, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and Critical Animals.

Saturday 28th July, Jessie Appleyard!

Our feature poet this Saturday 28th July 2018 is the entertaining Jessie Appleyard.

Jessie Appleyard is a poet with a passion for social justice, an MC extraordinaire and raspberry tartlet enthusiast.

After graduating from her fashion degree, she costumed shows in New York but it wasn't until she moved back home that she became involved with Spoken Word Perth (SWP). She now regularly hosts their open mic nights and has trouble keeping the plants in her house alive. Being a recent feature at SWP, she now returns to Perth Poetry Club.

Saturday 14 July, Deanne Leber!

Our feature poet this Saturday 14th July 2018 is Deanne Leber.

Deanne Leber is a writer, with poetry being her first love.  For the past ten years, she has worked on a collection as part of her PhD project at Edith Cowan University.  This collection, Constellations, is framed around the 88 constellations, as devised by the International Astronomical Union.



Two consecutive workshops with Vivienne Glance, hosted by Voicebox Fremantle.

These workshops are open to all types of Spoken Word Artists and will provide you with the nuts and bolts of how to engage, enthrall and entertain an audience with your own spoken word style.  These skills will help you be a more confident reader at opportunities such as the upcoming Perth Poetry Festival. 

Saturday 7th July, Cate Jennings + Jenny Hartley + Aidan Coleman!

Our feature poets this Saturday 7th July 2018 are Cate Jennings, Jenny Hartley & Aidan Coleman (Adelaide).

Cate Jennings, (the poet formerly known as Cath) boasts grandparents who were self published bush poets, not averse to reading their works at the dinner table.  She grew up in small WA towns sans TV reception, watching adults amuse themselves and each other by writing and performing comedy skits.  The rest of her bio is truly fascinating.  

Saturday 30th June - Mega Open-mike!

This Saturday 30th June 2018 is our second Mega Open-Mike Event for the year where everyone is a feature at Perth Poetry Club.

Perth Poetry Club holds Mega Open-Mikes quarterly as an opportunity for every open-miker to be a feature with 5 minutes (maximum) of performance time.

Best to prepare your performance. Try something different, experimental. Edit and refresh your poems. Hone your performance skills.

Past events have been memorable for the quality of the poetry and performances.

Saturday 23rd June, Afeif & Shadi Ismail with Vivienne Glance!

This Saturday, it’s Afeif I& Shadi Ismail with Vivienne Glance as our features, 23rd June 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

Afeif Ismail is an award-winning playwright and Poet. He is internationally published, with his work has been translated into German and Swedish.  Afeif has published many poetry works in English; Bet of the Argil, Mum! This World Lies to Us and Orphaned Birds. ‘The African Magician’, ‘Son of the Nile’ and 3Seeds as playscripts. Also seven books in his first language.