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Saturday 2nd of July, Alex Biddle and Charmaine Landwehr

This Saturday we have Alex Biddle and Charmaine Landwehr as our feature poets.

Alex Biddle (left pictured) currently has six girlfriends, seven boyfriends, three non-binary partners and 72 Ferrari's. Since her last feature performing at the Moon, Alex now have seventeen traffic cones which is one less than their age. Alex is also known as a "gender fluid superstar" but mostly just called “Biddle”. Alex was our youngest feature at Perth Poetry Club, and in their words “They do poetry sometimes and it’s alright I guess.” Alex’s poetry certainly is alright.

30th January 2016 - Alex Chapman & Caitlin Maling

Two great feature poets, Caitlin Maling & Alex Chapman, for Saturday 30th January 2016.

Caitlin Maling (pictured right) is a WA poet currently living in Sydney. A first collection "Conversations I've never Had" was published last year through Fremantle Press. A second collection is forthcoming early 2017. Caitlin has been making waves on the east coast – the surf’s up when she’s visiting the west coast.

23rd January 2016 - Alexis Dubus (UK) & David Pensabene

Two great feature poets, Alexis Dubus & David Pensabene, for Saturday 23rd January 2016.

Alexis Dubus (pictured left) is an international stand-up, character comic and poet, returning to Perth once again with a show about the history of swearing for Fringe World 2016. Alexis is Winner: Chortle Award 2015 - Best Sketch, Character, Improv and Winner: Fringe World Award - Best Comedy Show 2013. He is “Wry, thoughtful, with a lovely way with language” - The Independent (UK).

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