Saturday 3rd September, Andrew Lansdown, William Hart-Smith + open-mike, at The Moon via Zoom!

Perth Poetry Club this Saturday 3rd September 2pm-4pm has wonderful poet Andrew Lansdown + open-mike, via ZOOM and at THE MOON CAFÉ.

Andrew Lansdown is an Australian writer whose poems, stories and essays have appeared in more than 70 magazines and newspapers and are represented in over 100 anthologies.  He has published 3 novels, 2 short story collections, 1 essay collection, 2 photography-and-poetry collections, 2 children’s poetry collections, 15 poetry collections, and 11 poetry chapbooks.

Andrew has won a number of prestigious poetry awards, including the Western Australian Premier’s Award for Poetry (twice) and the Adelaide Festival of the Arts’ John Bray National Poetry Award.

His novel With My Knife was shortlisted for both the National Children’s Book Award and the Western Australian Young Readers’ Book Award.  His novel The Red Dragon was shortlisted for the West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award, won the Hoffman Award and was designated by the Children’s Book Council of Australia a Notable Australian Children’s Book.  Andrew’s latest books are: Kyoto Momiji Tanka: Poems and Photographs of Japan in Autumn (Rhiza Press, Queensland, 2019); and Abundance: New and Selected Poems (Wipf & Stock Publishers/ Cascade Books, USA, 2020).

Further information about Andrew and his writings can be found on his website,

Andrew will read his poems as well as those by William Hart-Smith (1911-1990).  William was a New Zealand/Australian poet.  His first job was as a radio mechanic.  He worked in commercial radio, then the ABC, did army service, becoming a freelance writer in the NT.  Hart-Smith was connected with the Jindyworobak Movement and had some of his work, such as Columbus Goes West (1943), published by them.  He was awarded the ALS Gold Medal in 1960, and won the Patrick White Award in 1987.

He spent several years in Perth from the late 1960s, associating with younger poets including Andrew Lansdown, Hal Colebatch and Lee Knowles.  He was a prolific writer of poetry into old age, though many of his later poems have never been collected.  He was also a distinguished conchologist, specialising in classifying cowrie shells.  He said he had come to Perth from Sydney to find unpolluted water for shelling.

Please join us to celebrate poetry this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm.

The venue is The Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge and on ZOOM.

Gig details are: Perth Poetry Club is inviting you to a scheduled Hybrid Live and Zoom meeting from The Moon Cafe.

                        this Saturday, 3rd September 2022   2:00pm to 4:00pm  Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

                        Andrew Lansdown, William Hart-Smith + open-mike at The Moon Café.

                        Join Zoom Meeting:

You will have to wait for Zoom to do its thing.  You will need to be let into the meeting from the Waiting Room.  Please be patient. It may not work straight away.  Try again. If that fails email Elio on

The next few weeks we have the following confirmed features:

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 10-Sep-22  Lindsay Shilton + Ange + open-mike

 17-Sep-22  Colin Young, Glen Hunting (NT) + open-mike

 24-Sep-22  Poetry from “Wooden Spoon to Minor Premiers” + open-mike

                    Poetry by Bukowsky, Tennyson, Plath, Ted and Frieda Hughes, Rilke, H.D., Heaney, Wright, Masefield, Duffy, Olds and others + open-mike

  1-Oct-22  Perth Poetry Festival gig, with Freya Daly Sadgrove (NZ), Peter Boyle (NSW), Tamryn Bennett (NSW),

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All with open-mike, not to be missed …