Saturday 21st May, Virginia O'Keefe, Jonathan Mustard + open-mike at the Moon Cafe!

Perth Poetry Club this Saturday 21st May has wonderful poets Virginia O’Keefe & Jonathan Mustard + open-mike, at THE MOON CAFÉ.

Virginia O’Keefe writes in a relatively traditional style. Last year she won the Creatrix Prize for Poetry and The Poetry D'Amour Prize 2021.  She has also won the Creative Connections Prize and been twice short listed for the Tom Collins.  Her work is published on-line in Creatrix, and various Perth based anthologies.

In her other life she makes and exhibits socially inspired textile art and hand crafted books, and writes a freelance column for her local paper.  She struggles with Australians' obsession for sport and preferential voting.

What can we say about Jonathan Mustard ? He is a writer of — things.  Some of those “things” might be categorised as poetry and others may have slipped through categorical cracks; not necessarily lost in some lonely abyss, but rather, dangling by their metaphorical fingertips between one or another modality.   He’s never been published in Westerly or Recoil, or Overland, or The Bulletin.  You’ll find no monumental tome under the impress of any publisher - well-known or otherwise.

Performance has always been his metier, both in music - for which he is better known, with a body of work stretching back over 40 years - and in the spoken word that has recaptured his interest in recent years.  Some of you may remember his first outings at PPC in 2017, stumbling through the territory of lost loves, precarious employment, aging and then on to relationships that explore the boundaries of morality — Wicked, mischievous human!  No more salacious details were forthcoming from this author.  We’ll have to wait for the accumulated drip-feed of oblique innuendo embedded throughout subsequent work to get a more fulsome picture. — Stay attuned.

Please join us to celebrate poetry this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm.

The venue is Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge.

Gig details are: Perth Poetry Club is inviting you to a scheduled meeting from Moon Cafe.

                   this Saturday, 21st May 2022 2:00pm to 4:00pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

                         Virginia O’Keefe & Jonathan Mustard + open-mike at the Moon Café

There will be an independent open-mike only Zoom meeting from Brisbane by Elio at the same time as the Moon gig, at 2pm-4pm Perth time, no features, only open-mike

Join Zoom Meeting:

You will have to wait for Zoom to do its thing. You will need to be let into the meeting from the Waiting Room. Please be patient. It may not work straight away. Try again. If that fails email Elio on

The next few weeks we have the following features:

  21-May-22 *   Virginia O’Keefe + Jonathan Mustard + open-mike (Moon Only)

  28-May-22 *   Lana Moon + open-mike                                        (Moon Only)

      4-Jun-22     Gabriela Antonini + open-mike

Note: * Separate “open-mike only” Zoom from Brisbane on 21st, 28th May at 2pm-4pm Perth time …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …



Expressions of Interest for Duck & Dash Poetry's 2nd Annual Online Poetry Fundraiser: CanTeen Australia

Paid $20, 8 min performance, NO THEME for content, applications in by Sunday May 29th (applications must include a sample poem).

Poets must:

  • have reliable internet, 

  • a connection to WA, 

  • be available 7pm-10pm Tuesday June 22nd, and

  • an Australian or NZ bank account.

Poets must also be one of either

   a. cancer effected,

   b. closely related to a cancer sufferer,

   c. between the ages 18-24,

   d. all of the above.

Private message Duck & Dash Poetry on • Facebook or • speak to Leonard at a Perth Poetry Club