Saturday 28th November, Jan Napier + launch of Day Moon + open-mike! at the Moon and Zoom

This Saturday 28th November 2pm-4pm we have the wonderful poet Jan Napier, launch of her haiku book Day Moon and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club, VIA ZOOM and at THE MOON CAFÉ.

Jan Napier began to write in 2004. Her first two books were collections of short stories. However it quickly became apparent that her real passion was poetry.  Jan has published two collections of poetry, Thylacine (2015) and Listening to Frost (2020). 

Although Jan came late to haiku, she soon found herself intrigued by the intricacies and challenges presented by this form.  A fascination developed about the manner in which the world in all its moods and beauty may be mirrored in images and language as bonsaied as the form itself without losing perspective or acuity. 

Day Moon is Jan’s first haiku collection; published by Mulla Mulla Press.

Join us to hear the wonderful Jan Napier and launch of Day Moon + regular open-mike.

Launch speech by Gary De Piazzi.

Jan will also feature in the second half.  This is her bio for that portion…

Jan Napier has been infected by the poetry bug.  There is no cure.  Beware or be there!  She is much loved and all relevant Health authorities have been notified of her affliction.  An ambulance will be on stand-by!

The venue is Moon Café, 323 William St, Northbridge. 

A great place to be this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm.

Gig details are: Perth Poetry Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom at the Moon Cafe.

this Saturday, 28th November                2:00pm to 4:00pm Perth Aus WST (GMT+8hrs).

the wonderful poet Jan Napier, launch of her haiku book Day Moon and open-mike, at the Moon Café, 323 William St Northbridge

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You will have to wait for Zoom to do its thing.  You will need to be let into the meeting from the Waiting Room. Please be patient. It may not work straight away.  Try again. If that fails email Elio on

The Moon Café is open from 12noon each day.  It also runs as a take away food / delivery and pick-up venue.  Online bookings via their website, Facebook and Instagram.  Also try calling 9328 7474.

The next few weeks, we have the following features + usual open mike:

 28-Nov-20     Jan Napier and launch of Day Moon, (Haiku) by Jan Napier

                        Launch speech by Gary De Piazzi + regular open-mike

   5-Dec-20     Mega Open-mike event, where everyone is a feature (5 minutes max. each)

 12-Dec-20     Emerson + Samuel Field + open-mike, End of Year gig… Pizzas and drinks after the gig

      Break for 5 weeks 

 Sunday, 10-Jan-21   Sunday Lunch – no poetry, at Red Chilli Sechuan Restaurant, Northbridge (TBC) 

  16-Jan-21     First gig of the year - Mardi May and launch of Precis + open-mike …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …