Saturday 13th July, Jazmin Lj Tassell, Poetry Cluster, Shab Delrooz!

This Saturday 13th July we have three wonderful poets Jazmin Lj Tassell, Poetry Cluster, Shab Delrooz and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Jazmin Lj Tassell  Bio:

Jazmin writes poetry about the joy of life, including the tears.

She believes that poetry is a panacea for fears.

She loves the transformation

From pain to elation.

At the action of putting pen to paper,

Is this a magical (majical) creation?

After 20 years of spoken word

She’s bravely gone beyond

To a media platform www.patreon/jazminlj

She hopes if u like her poetry today,

You will sign up for a mere token

To have these words to keep

After they are spoken.


Poetry Cluster Bio:

The name’s Phoebe Guadagnino,

The games poetry,

I’ve always loved poetry and been a hopeless romantic.

More recently I’ve started opening my heart to ink + paper

And lettering the world feel through

The words of poetry cluster via Instagram.


Shab Delrooz is a graphic designer and a yoga teacher.  She came to Australia in 2015 from Iran.  She found Perth a beautiful city that she can call home after spending few years in London and Dubai.  She’s never been a writer but she always loved good poetry and literature, in both Farsi and English. 

After an ending of a seven year relationship she felt a void that could not be filled.  Watching a beautiful sunset at the end of a summer day at the beach triggered her to write her first poem.

And from there it just came...


So all the above with our usual open mike as well.  Please join us this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to celebrate with Jazmin Lj Tassell, Poetry Cluster, Shab Delrooz + open-mike at Perth Poetry Club. 

The next few weeks we have the following features:


 Jazmin Lj Tassell, Poetry Cluster, Shab Delrooz + open-mike


 Jenny de Garis + launch of her book, Moon with SPM as launcher + open-mike


 Allan Padgett + open-mike

… All with open-mike, not to be missed …