Saturday 8th June, Biddle, Tony Walley, Julie Winther!

This Saturday 8th June we have the wonderful poets Biddle, Tony Walley, Julie Winther and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

Biddle has been performing since 14 and never really stopped. Known for gritty and honest poetry from a point of chosen naivety in their work, you'll most often find them at sporadic times in your life or by yelling their name into an oil spill three times. They have chapbooks, been in multiple zines, published on Uneven Floor, perfected the pavlova at 12, and currently own at least 13 traffic cones.

Tony Walley is a recent devotee of the Club. His poetry reflects the relationship that the first people have to this land, their conflict with colonisers, and through to the present day with reference to social justice. The importance of family, spirituality and health of our community features in his poetry and his outlook on life.

A more complete bio from Tony will be published soon. We were slack in not asking Tony for a bio and pic earlier and we apologise to him and to you for that.

Julie Winther grew up on an island on the South coast of Norway. After a picture perfect childhood, she escaped the world’s best country to wrack up some student debt across the pond. She graduated from the University of Kent with a BA in Literature and Creative Writing and no desire to write for academia. So she ran away, first to Asia and eventually Australia. Dabbling in travel narratives and poetry along the way, she's currently trying to carve her way as a woman travelling on the own, navigating endless questions of where she can and can't go alone at night.

All this with usual open mike as well. Join us this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to celebrate with Biddle, Tony Walley, Julie Winther + open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

The next two months we have the following features…

   8-June-19   Biddle + Tony Walley + Julie Winther + open-mike

 15-June-19   Kelly Van Nelson + open-mike

 22-June-19   Mega Open-mike event! where everyone is a feature (5minutes max.)

 29-June-19   Leonard James + open-mike

   6-July-19   Peter Jeffery + open-mike

 13-July-19   tba

 20-July-19   Jenny de Garis + launch of her book, Moon with SPM as launcher + open-mike

 27-July-19   tba

All with open-mike, not to be missed …