18th May, John McDonough, Lex Tyson, Caroline Reid, Brad Wallis!

This Saturday 18th May we have four wonderful poets John McDonough, Lex Tyson, Caroline Reid + Brad Wallis and open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

We thought we had to compete with the federal election and Eurovision in the best way possible.

John McDonough was conceived in a Blackpool hotel room over cheese and pickle sandwiches, washed down with pale ale. Born at the back of a fat comedian’s night club, in the red part of Manchester. Raised on Love, Football, Bob Dylan and rebel songs. Fell in love at the tender age of 12, albeit unrequited, Deborah Harry was too old for him. This is where his poetry comes from, and his poems, like his roots, are humble. He fled the oppressive regime of grey skies and persecution from the rain to land on Australia’s golden shores in 2004 and he’s not looked back in anger since. His style is urban/performance poetry, relating about life, politics, and social responsibility.

Lex Tyson grew up admiring the work of Beatnik poets; Ginsberg, Snyder and the ‘honorary’ Bukowski - there was something to their ad-hoc construction of metaphor and meaning that would later inspire her own poetry. Lex completed an undergraduate in Law, and a master’s in film production. During which time, she would often find herself ferreting away words in various journals. She then went on to work in the film industry for several years, before requalifying to become a Highschool English Teacher. In this role, as well as in life, Lex continues to find stimulus for her prose that helps to express the ramblings of a creative and often-cluttered mind.

Caroline Reid is an award-winning writer. Caroline found her feet in the theatre so her poetry is steeped in the oral tradition. In 2016 she read her first poem in public. Two years later she qualified as one of the Top 5 poets in the Australian Poetry Slam.

Bradley Wallis is a poet. Let me say that again, he is a poet. Presently crafting silly and yet somehow profound word plays exploring the internet, morality, sexuality, culture and pivotally the mundane. He aims not to shy away from difficult truths yet hopes to bring a sense of enlightened perspective upon why we are here and what we are doing. What makes us human, happy and sad in a time of heavily saturated and recycled entertainment; its relationship with over stimulation and its relationship with restlessness. Ultimately he is simply focusing on being himself through the frustration of recovery and his experiences more recently.

All this with usual open mike as well.

Join us this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to celebrate with John McDonough, Lex Tyson, Caroline Reid, Brad Wallis + open-mike at Perth Poetry Club.

The next few weeks we have the following features…

  18-May-19   John McDonough + Lex Tyson + Caroline Reid (SA) + Brad Wallis + open-mike

  25-May-19   Michael James + Kimberley Zeneth (TBC) + open-mike …

All with open-mike, not to be missed …