Saturday 24th November, Matthew Brierley + Yvonne Patterson!

This Saturday 24th November 2018 we have two wonderful poets, Matthew Brierley + Yvonne Patterson at Perth Poetry Club.

Both our feature poets come from across the Ditch, and we are glad that they are here.

Matthew Brierley is a kiwi who left New Zealand 20 year ago and has lived in Malaysia and Aberdeen before settling in Perth in 2007.  His original inspiration came from NZ writers such as Maurice Shadbolt, Sam Hunt, Hone Tuwhare and James K Baxter.  Although a qualified engineer, his real passion is English and Matthew recently completed an Arts degree in English in History.

Matthew has two collections published, The Naivety of Youth (2010) and Another Dark Day (2016), the latter combines poetry with photography.  His poetry explores universal themes from adolescence to spirituality, love and loss, longing and regret, as a journey of exploration and connection: to place, language and memory.  The subjects are at often times confronting, tackling themes of death and isolation and also dwelling on the darker aspects of today's society.

Yvonne Patterson grew up in the south of New Zealand, moved to Sydney on a working holiday and ended up staying in Australia.  She has lived in Perth since the late 1970s, having worked as a Clinical Psychologist, and in WA Government policy; in mental health, disability and community services.  These experiences influence some topics of her poetry.

She has always loved poetry, having her first poem published in her high school magazine and has recently returned to this passion.  Yvonne is delighted to now have the time and freedom to explore words, concepts and issues of life through poetry and to be unconfined by the constrained writing styles that had been required in her work.  She loves the diversity of poetry styles and is intrigued with the way poets can create music with their words, rhythms and poetry styles.  She is interested in writing on a variety of topical issues including social justice, equality and life transitions, including some lighthearted ones for fun.”

Join us at Perth Poetry Club this Saturday afternoon 2pm - 4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to hear Matthew Brierley + Yvonne Patterson.

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