Saturday 25th August, Sara Morgillo, Catherine Jamison & Ciaran Spearink!

Our feature poets this Saturday 25th August 2018 are the entertaining Sara Morgillo, Catherine Jamison & Ciaran Spearink.

Sara Morgillo is a lover and observer of the wonder and beauty of the natural world. She says “when you jump, not only do you move back towards the earth as you land, but the earth moves towards you“. Her impact in poetry has been at Spoken Word Perth and WA Youth Slams. Sara’s first chapbook “Moth Bones” was published in June this year by Hectic Measures Press.

Catherine Jamison is in her final year of high school and has been writing and performing poetry for just over a year now. Along with poetry, she enjoys all other forms of art and in her spare time you could find her sketching in one of her several notebooks. Based in Perth, she has performed for TEDx, several churches and now, here. Within her writing, Catherine mainly focuses on making her voice heard and ensuring that her audience gets to know more about her through her performances.

Ciaran Spearink, born in Surrey England and moved to Australia at the age of 12. Started high school not knowing many people and found it hard to fit in and find his true self. He started writing poetry when he was 15 and then performed at the Youth Slam Finals. Ciaran writes poetry to express himself.

Please join us at Perth Poetry Club for an entertaining Saturday afternoon 2pm–4pm at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge to hear Sara Morgillo, Catherine Jamison & Ciaran Spearink. Open-mike as always.

The next few weeks, we have the following features + usual open mike:

25-Aug-18   Sara Morgillo + Catherine Jamison + Ciaran Spearink + open-mike

   1-Sep-18   Mega Open-mike, where everyone is a feature

   8-Sep-18   Seamus Heaney gig – with Mitchell Thompson, Rose Van Son, Marion Whelligan & Allan Padgett + usual open-mike

All, not to be missed