Saturday 14th April, Creatrix Prize!

This Saturday, it’s the occasional Creatrix Prize as our feature event plus open-mike for Saturday 14th April 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

After 10 years of Creatrix by WAPI (WA Poets Inc), WAPI has decided to award an occasional prize for the best poetry from Creatrix.

Scott Patrick-Mitchell takes credit for the idea, with Peter Jeffery and Veronica Lake being the judges, and Julie Evans integral to the prize awarding.

Hear Frances Faith, Derek Fenton, Mike Greenacre, Kevin Gillam, Deeksha Koul, Mardi May read their poems, and hope to have Allan Padgett and Ted Witham read their prize poems – others will read theirs in case.

The gig will run with open-mike in the first half, and Creatrix Prize award + open-mike in the second half.

Please join us to hear the Creatrix Prize awarded with its eight fabulous poems and poets, plus open-mike, this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.

Over the next few weeks, we have the following wonderful features plus open-mike:

 14-Apr-18   Creatrix Prize – readings from the winners + open-mike (as usual)

 21-Apr-18   Colin Young + Sue Clennell + readings from Homer (not Simpson)

 28-Apr-18   Ita Goldberger + Nadia Rhook

All, not to be missed …