1st March - 30th April, SKY LINES at the PICA Screen - Coral Carter!

It’s a natural progression from Sky Blue to Sky Lines for our Coral Carter.

SKY LINES—a meditative collaboration of images and poems is featuring on the PICA big screen in the Perth Cultural Centre from 1 March to 30 April at 6pm.

Coral Carter has been taking photographs of the sky wherever she is at any time of day since 26 May 2010 when she went to live in Kalgoorlie and the result can be seen at 365 days of sky. This blog was followed by a continuation of the idea at sky-porn.

Coral’s words…“It was such a beautiful thing to do I could not stop and 2,800 plus photographs later I’m still going. It’s amazing what you see if you just look up.”

Julianne Concepcion created the digital exhibition SKY LINES, with Coral Carter taking the pics and the words were... (well take this in...)

Coral wanted to make a meditation of two elements—sky and lines ‘from one sky and poem to the next, like clouds; … to allow the viewer to absorb the images and words without assigning any particular meaning to them outside of what they experience in that moment.’

Forty photographs from the blogs were selected for forty poets who wrote a nine syllable poem for their randomly assigned sky.

The Western Australian SKY LINES poets are Amanda Joy, Annamaria Weldon, Annette Mullumby, Carolyn Abbs, Christine della Vedova, Flora Smith, Gail Willems, Jackson, Jan Napier, Jaya Penelope, Jennifer Kornberger, Josephine Clarke, Julie Watts, Karen Lowry, Kate Arnautovic, Keren Gila Raiter, Leni Battalis, Lesley Nazzari, Liana Joy Christensen, Lorenna Grant, Lorraine Horsley, Trisha Kotai-Ewers, Maddie Godfrey, Maggie Van Putten, Mags Webster, Mardi May, Marziya Mohammedali, Nandi Chinna, Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Rose van Son, Sandie Walker, Sanna Peden, Saoirse Nash, Sarah Leighton, Sue Clennell, Tash Adams, Tineke Van der Eeken, Vivienne Glance, Wendy Beach, Zan Ross - what a list of fabulous poets!

Please note: On some days the exhibition may be shifted, depending on the live events that happen in the Cultural Centre space, for instance, Sundays from 18th March - 8th April will have to make way for an 'Australian Film Season' series of film screenings in the James Street Amphitheatre, in which case the exhibition might not be aired at the 6pm timeslot in its entirety (or at all).

See it when you are passing through the PICA space.  Remember to always look up at the sky but try to look up at that big PICA screen at 6pm, 1st March to 30th April, and enjoy SKY LINES.