Saturday 10th February, Arran Lodge + Gabriela Antonini

This Saturday, it’s Arran Lodge and Gabriella Antonini as our features on 10th February 2018 at Perth Poetry Club.

Arran Lodge was born on the West Australian coast.  Is fond of the sea, the surf, cycling and leisurely living.  Sometimes socially compulsive, occasionally quiet and reclusive. He finds erratic pleasure in writing and spoken word performance - often amused by the parts seemingly not of himself.  Arran is a semi-regular at Perth Poetry Club (work can intervene), and has featured in our Recoil-5 zine as one of our favourites.  He appears in slams and other poetry gigs across Perth.

Gabriela Antonini is a writing and psychology student whose first country and language is Slovak, yet spent her childhood in suburban Victoria and for the past decade has been a Perthian making the most of the sun, marriage and motherhood.  An avid reader and story teller, Gabriela has been confused, excited, confident and confused again with the English language, its literature and poetry.  She writes poetry that comes to terms with humanity, relationship and perspective.  When not climbing through trees, running into the ocean with her spritely children, sketching, producing assignments or dancing around her kitchen you may have heard her perform her poetry at Perth Slam, Voicebox, Spoken Word Perth and at the Perth Poetry Club.

Please join us to hear Arran Lodge + Gabriela Antonini, plus Open-mike, this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge. 

Guest MC is Mitchell Thompson.

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Open-mike as always… All, not to be missed …