A big thank you to everyone who supported Perth Poetry Club in 2017!

Thank you for all your support during the year.  2017 saw Perth Poetry Club entertain with

77 feature poets

782+ open-mikers

1,925+ audience

2,450+ poems

40 songs


This does not include the following multiple features we had:


Recoil 8 Launch                  in February (thanks to Coral Carter)

LITeral Women - Versing Gender in March (thanks to Christine Della Vedova)   

Perth Poetry Festival Gig in August (thanks to WAPI)

4 x Mega Open-mike events in February, April, September, December where ofcourse everyone is a feature


including ad hoc or planned special events:

International Dylan Thomas day - Bryn Griffiths                                                                                                             

Emily Dickinson day - Christine Della Vedova & Ann Gilchrist


Thanks to the Underlords, especially

Kate Arnautovic for the weekly website and Facebook

Larraine Duncan and Kate Arnautovic for the weekly emailout                                                                                                           

Neil J BRiLO Pattinson for moral guidance, Green Room, Payments, counsel and ad hoc functions                               

Helen Janice for Green Room, Payments and counsel                                                                                                              

Coral Carter, our paparazza, Recoil editor, and counsel                                                                                                                            

Chris Arnold, our backup sound engineer                                                                                                                         

Kirsten (Kiki) Holmes for talent scouting                                                                                                                           

Elio Novello for MC-ing and general organisation             


Thank you to Ben Hoare (and Bob White) on the sound desk.

Thank you to the Moon Café for use of the backroom.


An extra special thank you to Kate Arnautovic for her work over more than 5 years on website, Facebook and more recently email-outs.  Kate is stepping down from active duties to concentrate on full-time work and other Charity/Community endeavours.


We have a four week break, and then start-back in 2018 via

7-Jan-18                  Northbridge Yum Cha on Sunday (no poetry)

Sunday                                    Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant, 191 James St, Northbridge – 1130am for 12noon


Poetry start-back proper on Saturday

13-Jan-18                  First gig – Keren Gila Raiter + tba

Also in Jan and Feb, we will have Tony Curtis, Alexis Dubus and Anne Elvey