Poet In Residence, Maddie Godfrey - Perth Cathedral Callout!


My name is Maddie Godfrey and I’m a Perth-bred writer, poet and theatre maker who has achieved international success over the past two years. More information about me is available here: www.maddiegodfrey.com

I’ve just returned to Western Australia, where I’m currently a poet-inresidence with St George’s Dance And Theatre at St George’s Cathedral in Perth CBD. The central goal of this residency is to create a piece called “Bedhead” which uses an intersection of spoken word poetry and theatre to discuss mental health, social isolation and all the things which keep us in bed. As part of this residency, I would really like to conduct conversations in and around the cathedral. These conversations can be with anyone. It doesn’t matter to me what you do with yourself or what background you come from or who you love or what gender you identify as. The more variety the better.

So, if you’d like to be part of what I’m tentatively calling “a research project” I’m free to meet on weekdays, generally after 1pm, at St George’s Cathedral. Ideally I would like to document and preserve these conversations in some sort of archive. This body of research may be used for future funding applications or for the further development of "Bedhead”. However, none of your words will be made public without me seeking permission first. I respect your privacy and value your honesty.

Above all, I think it’s important that we use art to bring people together and disrupt the stigma around issues we all face. I would love to have you involved in this residency and the development of my work. If you have accessibility requirements, please let me know and we can meet somewhere that works for you. There is no requirement for you to enter the cathedral itself or be anywhere which makes you uncomfortable.

If you’d like to come hang out near some stained glass windows, please email me at maddiegodfrey@hotmail.com or message me at www.facebook.com/maddiegodfreypoet

Throughout the month you can also follow my thoughts, photos and progress at https://poetinresidenceblog.wordpress.com/