Saturday 28th of October, Neil J (BRiLO) Pattinson!

This Saturday, it’s Neil J (BRiLO) Pattinson as our feature, 28th October 2017 at Perth Poetry Club.

Neil J (BriLO) Pattinson uses Playbill, Algerian, Showcard Gothic, Ravie, and Impact with a passion.  It pervades his bio, poetry and his new book – worst kept secret. The book will be available for pre-launch sale, with launch event details to be announced, at the gig.

BRiLO is a “Suburban born Melbourne evacuee with a rural upbringing, a West Coast runaway and has-been resources Corporate Sector raffscalian.  Neil has been a contributor to Perth Poetry Club since its inception, and as one of the Underlords, looks after the Club.  Neil also is the creator of the Viable Human Mob and is the world’s leading exponent of the HaaR Coooo form of poetry.  His poetry in its various genres has been published in numerous zines, publications, and his first book last year (sold out).  In his own words and fonts, his performance will be in two halves:

First Half

As a Member of the Human Race N j is an Advocate Against Bureaucracy, Advocate Against Authoritarianism , & Believer in Anarchism in itz purest Form… As a POET he LikenZ HimSelf to Being aThorn Between a 6Pk of Krizpy Kreme Dounutz & A North Korean Thermo Nuclear Waste Dump. Contempories & Peerz of mR BRiLO may have been heard to Say, “His Just a Arrogant Bearded TwaT,,,” Howeva thatz oK; itz all still just Peace, Love & Hippy Shiyt

Second Half


Is Also the Human Entity That inspired “City of Perth Parking” to Post Security Point Signage in their Car Park Lobbyz & “Wilson Parking” (“YES” - that dodgy Mob, that also do Refuge/asylum seeker/detention centre Security) to Up-Grade their Parking Pillar Ticket Machine Asset inventory


All because of LiMBO CASH 


Join us to hear Neil J (BRiLO) Pattinson this Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at the Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge.

The next few weeks, we have the following features:


Neil J (BRiLO) Pattinson


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… All, not to be missed …


PS: We have to apologise to Mitchell Thompson – we have been using Matthew as his first name in previous promos and at the Club itself (naughty MC).