Saturday 26th of August, Sioban Timmer, Barbara Gurney and Lorenna Grant!

Our feature poets are Sioban Timmer, Barbara Gurney and Lorenna Grant, this Saturday 26th August 2017 at Perth Poetry Club.

Sioban Timmer is a Western Australian writer who produces stories and poetry for adults and children on a wide range of themes. She currently offers book readings and writing workshops for children. 

Sioban has two publications, Toughen Up Princess aimed at children and Poetry – Don’t be Afraid for adults. Her work has been published in Australia and the US in various anthologies.  Picture book Feral Fergus is Sioban’s third book which is being released on 2nd September 2017. More information and tickets through Eventbrite or Jasper Books.

Barbara Gurney writes across several genres including fiction for adults and children, and free verse poetry.  Her writing explores emotions and life experiences, often of the ordinary person.  Barbara is a member of Gosnells Writers Circle and Writefree Women's Group

Ginninderra Press (Adelaide) published her poetry books, Footprints of a Stranger, in 2012 and Life's Shadows in 2015.  Having published two novels: Road to Hanging (Jasper Books 2013) and The Promise (Austin Macauley 2017) she's now working on The Doors of Prague.  Short stories are self-published as literary gifts under the banner of Barely Books.  Her website is

Lorenna Grant has been scratching around for meaning through created vessels of questionable model, character, quality, and circumstance since she was old enough to stop crying.  Whether of her own making or found - these vessels have had meaning in their harbour - meanings as abundant as shore sand.

and the shore melts - when the heat and the heart is turned up enough.

Poetry (and the poets) are the few vessels to where she returns  - like certain visual art and certain music - the vessels carry in their outer form and formless essence, all the rage and forgiveness -  all the paradox  that allows a periodic glimpse into the ineffable.

Gut poetry is what it is,  cos Meaning is unknowable.  Lorenna will be reading from her recently launched book, Sacremony Synchromancy.


Please join us for an interesting poetry afternoon at The Moon Café, 323 William Street Northbridge this Saturday 2pm-4pm to hear Sioban Timmer, Barbara Gurney and Lorenna Grant.  Open-mike as always.


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